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Getting Piggy With It

David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, has been hit by more scandal relating to his university days. It’s alleged that he had an incident with a pig. Cassette Boy in his signature remix style has created this viral hit with the PM “Getting Piggy With It”. Genius.


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Brand Troll Guide

I’ve been studying this trend of real-time marketing for almost five years. I’ve seen insurance companies and pet foods attempt to opportunistic hijacking tactics for the #RoyalBaby. I’ve seen chewing gum brands asking Luis Suarez to not ‘chew soccer players” after he bit (not chewed) an Italian.

Last night’s humiliation of Brazil made me feel a bit sick. So sick that I think it may be better for me to throw in the towel and join the dark side. So here you go — 3 Tips On How To Be A Brand Troll

Commit to your first thoughts.

Twist marketing catch-phrases to back you up. “Always be shipping” comes to mind. Done is better than good or even coherent.

Don’t spend any time getting to know your audience.

When it comes to doing things in real-time, you really must think of yourself first. Crafting messages that connect emotionally with fans will only take more time. At all costs, do not do something that your fans would expect from you. Be sure that you newsjack any event that is getting a lot of traction. This is not about being relevant to your audience. It’s about being quick. First one out the gate wins. Always.

Only think in tweets.

Don’t even think about doing something interactive and fun like the Suarez bottle opener and game. Or a simple 10 second film (screengrab above) where a cocktail glass is obliterated by a massive German pint.

Shoe-horn your product into the post.

If you’ve got some stock shots lying around, then use them. If you can photoshop your product into them in any way, shape or form, do it. It will help with brand recall and shift a load of goods. That’s what it’s about anyway. Social selling. Get that product in — hopefully in an unnatural way — and make sure you’re agency punslingers are at the ready. Also try to invent silly words like punslingers and then overexplain them (cross between gunslinger + pun) to further insult your audience.

Forget that you’re human.

This is the most important factor of all. It’s all about not forgetting your human not just a marketing machine. It’s about making stuff that creates an emotional connection with your audience. I Or maybe we should just give up.

There’s a new book coming out in August and I’ve written a chapter in it about this topic, but don’t bother reading it. I also do workshops on the matter but you really should ignore this second attempt at blatant self-promotion because it’s easier to just keep trolling. If you learn anything from me, you’ll only have to go sell it in to your CEO and then that may require some organisational changes. Now, this is getting a bit complicated. I thought you just wanted an easy life, right. Fine, may the quickest troll win.

Thanks to Digiday & Adnews for doing round-ups (including examples abov) in the middle of the night while I went to bed crying thinking that my real-time mission and career was a total failure before I woke up with an evil plan.

(This post originally posted yesterday on my new favourite platform Medium. It’s here.)

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Kent’s Meats

Out in the States this spot for Kents Meat has been racking up significant view count. It uses actual CCTV footage of someone trying to break in to their store. With Benny Hill music playing over the top and a VO stating:  “People will do just about anything to get more”.

Now you might be thinking it looks familiar, so do we.  We commend Kent’s Meats for their urgency and we have no idea whether they had seen the Reserva spot from Brazil which we featured on the blog a few months ago. Reserva used CCTV footage of theives stealing $20,000 worth of clothing stock  check it out on the link below.




As with any idea it’s all about who gets it out first.

Via Twitter & Business Insider

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Vine v FrameBlast

In our Urgent Genius Weekenders, we encourage clients and creatives to use the latest tools in a way that’s never been thought of before. Of course, being the first to do something mind-blowing is great too.

So we’ve seen two very exciting “Instagram for Video” apps hit the market in the last month. One you’ve heard of is Vine from Twitter.  Here’s a few “creative” uses from Jimmy Fallon and other TV-related companies from Lost Remote. From a brand perspective, here’s a roundup from Fast Company of the most creative uses so far. I like Urban Outfitters tribute to Beer Can Appreciation Day and Trident’s gallery of chewing.

And while you’re thinking in 6 seconds, why don’t you think in 3-5 seconds and make brilliant vignette style videos set to music with Frameblast. They just got a great write-up in TechCrunch.

Full disclosure:: I know Steve and Aaron from Frameblast and even helped them write their launch copy. Bias aside, they have thought this thing through in incredible detail. The button is in the centre of your phone so you’ve got a firm grip on it unlike iPhone’s camera where it’s on the side. Also, if you film 20 clips of your kids in the park or of the hipsters you pass in Shoreditch on your way to work and you follow the 3-5 second optimal clip length and pick a track in your iTunes and one of several amazing filters, you’ll have a really clever clip on  YouTube in a minute or so ready for you to Facebook it out to your people. I’ve got an invite from FrameBlast to be a beta tester for some new filters that look amazing so I will share the results with you next week hopefully.

In a nutshell, FrameBlast is a simple, clever tool that’s incredibly easy to use. I see life in 3-5 second vignettes now and can makes films set to music almost instantly. I’m excited about using this for brands and proving to them that video content can be both Urgent and Genius.

Have you seen any creative uses of either tool? Let us know. Also, get FrameBlast-ing and Vine-ing and share your results with us. Better still, do it for brands related to a trending topic and watch the shares and retweets roll in.

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YouTube the collection

Own the whole of YouTube on DVD. Get paper thumbs ups and downs along with letter templates, to be filled in with a pen, for you to send on to the creators of the videos you love. The Tube goes analogue for April the first.

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