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First Kiss

Getting two strangers to kiss has stormed the viral charts this week literally racking up millions and millions of views just hours after release. It’s for the new fashion collection from Wren in LA.

The aptly named yogurt brand Snog took advantage of the trending wave and produced this inside 24 hours – 60k views isn’t a bad effort

Although it wasn’t as successful as this cheeky parody from The Pimms Girls which was released a day later.

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Vine v FrameBlast

In our Urgent Genius Weekenders, we encourage clients and creatives to use the latest tools in a way that’s never been thought of before. Of course, being the first to do something mind-blowing is great too.

So we’ve seen two very exciting “Instagram for Video” apps hit the market in the last month. One you’ve heard of is Vine from Twitter.  Here’s a few “creative” uses from Jimmy Fallon and other TV-related companies from Lost Remote. From a brand perspective, here’s a roundup from Fast Company of the most creative uses so far. I like Urban Outfitters tribute to Beer Can Appreciation Day and Trident’s gallery of chewing.

And while you’re thinking in 6 seconds, why don’t you think in 3-5 seconds and make brilliant vignette style videos set to music with Frameblast. They just got a great write-up in TechCrunch.

Full disclosure:: I know Steve and Aaron from Frameblast and even helped them write their launch copy. Bias aside, they have thought this thing through in incredible detail. The button is in the centre of your phone so you’ve got a firm grip on it unlike iPhone’s camera where it’s on the side. Also, if you film 20 clips of your kids in the park or of the hipsters you pass in Shoreditch on your way to work and you follow the 3-5 second optimal clip length and pick a track in your iTunes and one of several amazing filters, you’ll have a really clever clip on  YouTube in a minute or so ready for you to Facebook it out to your people. I’ve got an invite from FrameBlast to be a beta tester for some new filters that look amazing so I will share the results with you next week hopefully.

In a nutshell, FrameBlast is a simple, clever tool that’s incredibly easy to use. I see life in 3-5 second vignettes now and can makes films set to music almost instantly. I’m excited about using this for brands and proving to them that video content can be both Urgent and Genius.

Have you seen any creative uses of either tool? Let us know. Also, get FrameBlast-ing and Vine-ing and share your results with us. Better still, do it for brands related to a trending topic and watch the shares and retweets roll in.

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CrowdSync is a new app that launched at the end of 2012. It aims to change the way people share  video footage from the concerts and events they attend. The app makes it easy to record video, edit, then publish to Facebook or Twitter. It also allows users to specify what event they are at and then see videos from other CrowdSync users’ povs all in real-time.  This week the guys behind it announced that they have been invited to the SXSW 2013 to take part in the Music Accelerator contest.

Read more about CrowdSync here

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Dictator French style

In France Hollande has become the new president so Sacha Baron Cohen’s Dictator has been quick on the uptake to congratulate him. It’s riding the wave of the trending story and insults the out going Sarkozy in true ‘too close to the bone’ style.  The movie world is starting to get smarter with it’s use of social channels to promote their wares. The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus being two other examples where micro stories have been seeded out there online to add hype to the release.

Spotted by Dan P

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Next Media Animation, or NMA.TV, is the work of  a Taiwanese team who jump on current news stories, presenting them using jaunty 3D animation.  NMA head of content, Michael Logan will be on the panel for our talk Real Time Newsjacking and a Cold Blooded Tweeter at SXSW.  Check out 5 of their latest creations from the start of the year.

1 – ‘Captain Coward’ Francesco Schettino – With almost 99 thousand views since it was posted on Wednesday, NMA.TVs take on the catastrophically irresponsible behaviour of the doomed Costa Concordia’s captain is packed with the cheeky humour that’s typical of their videos.

2 – Shit Girls Say viral video meme wearing out it’s welcome – This animated indictment of the stupendously popular (though not all that original) “Shit _____ Say” videos questions quite how brilliant such internet memes are.  We get the feeling NMA.TV are getting tired of them…

3 – Tebow goes biblical on Steelers, shows up haters – Most people outside of the US don’t know who Tebow is, but this video sums up the latest buzz that surrounds him and displays quite how popular of a talking point he is by amassing over 122 views in a week.

4 – Beyonce, Jay-Z proud parents of baby Blue Ivy Carter – NMA.TV drop a few disquieting fact bombs regarding the birth of perhaps one of the luckiest babies on earth, and question whether Blue Ivy Carter will grow up to be just like Mum and Dad… or whether anyone really cares…

5 – Suarez, Terry kick racism to top of Premier League agenda – NMA.TV doubt whether recent actions against allegedly racist footy ranters Luis Suarez and John Terry will stick to them or change the state of bigotry in what was once the beautiful game.

Rate how urgent and genius these videos are below.

Guest post by Nick Mack

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