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Star Wars Day

It’s a Saturday and I’m babysitting (also known as parenting) but the young boy’s asleep so I’m geeking out with Star Wars Day. We covered a load of these “invented events” that brands create in the book but now I’m kicking myself that we didn’t cover “Star Wars Day.” Maybe because it’s a day built on a giant pun (I hate puns) “May the 4th be with you.” Actually, I don’t mind that pun. And.. there are so many fun things happening today around the world and a host of memes popping up (the thumbnail I found has been retweeted thousands of times and the Yanks across the Pond are just waking up). Loads of brands are riding the wave of this day. Here’s a few from the official Star Wars site including Princess Leia’s CinnaBon headphones, Disney’s Limited Time Magic Day and Chewie getting a job at MTV. I’m getting in on the act when the little dude wakes up as we’re rushing to the store to get “a refreshing mix of lime sherbet, sugar, sparkling water, and more lime” to make Yoda Soda. Pictured above.

But the award for the most awesome bit of Urgent Genius goes to the Toledo Mud Hens, a minor league baseball team. They’ve created the following Chewbacca jerseys for tonight and tomorrow and are having loads of Star Wars themed food and a Star Wars exhibit to rival a major SW geek convention — and all the money goes to charity. I really want this jersey:

How are you going to celebrate Star Wars Day? I’m going to Vine and FrameBlast my Yoda Soda taster sessions for sure. Let us know. Pic and info on the Mud Hens and Yoda Soda via Wired

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Trending Hashtags

As Grant and I approach the launch of the Urgent Genius book we will be featuring more posts on tools that help you find and create content to newsjack. We’ve already praised real-time content tools like Vine and FrameBlast. Now, Vine has added a feature that lets you know which 6-second videos are rising in popularity with the launch of trending hashtags. This feature allows users to easily see what the community is Vining about. The hashtags featured are those rising the fastest in popularity, rather than just the most popular overall.

What other tools do you use to find newsjackable content? Are you sad that Google Reader’s going away? We are. That’s been our best weapon. Flipboard and Zite better step it up to help us be the first to find the best in real-time creativity.

Via Mashable

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Valentine’s Top 5

Best Charitable Use of A Repulsive Creature

The Bronx Zoo’s V-Day offer was epic. They’ve got 58,000 Madagascar roaches that don’t have names. Name your admirer (or ex-lover more likely) after this disgusting pest and donate a tenner to save the bugger.

Best GPS App For Dates With Strangers Nearby

I’m so far removed from the dating world but this seems uber-crazy to me: OK Cupid’s Crazy Blind Date sets you up with a complete stranger in real-time who just happens to be in your general vicinity.

Funniest Coupon Offer Related To V-Day Baby-Making Shenanigans

Ikea Australia has done the math (or has it?) and come up with an amusing Valentine’s Day offer—a free crib for babies born nine months from today. Clip out the voucher and keep it safe. A ridiculous but very PR-able idea.

Most Insightful V-Day Offer Despite V-Day Double-Priced Menus

Heineken is running a Twitter-based Valentine’s Day program that will hook up procrastinators with restaurant reservations last night. Nice idea for people who aren’t cynical of V-Day “special menus.”

Best Social Media Powered Iteration of Cilla Black’s Blind Date Franchise

One of our UG friends Damon Collins created this massive partnership and explained it best to me over email as he was 25 hours of continuous footage in an Urgent Genius manner in LA: “Blind Gate is a live event, a social video campaign and a competition… based on the premise that Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch makes long haul flights so good you could even fly to LA for a long weekend.

Bonus: Best use of Russian dictator: Vladentine’s Day

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Life After Oreo

As you know by now, Oreo expertly used Twitter to make the most of the Super Bowl’s now infamous black out tweeting an ad before you could even say “blown a fuse.” Minutes after Beyonce’s performance, the whole stadium was cast into darkness, but Oreo saw the light and within minutes posted the tweet above. This gained them instant praise from their fans and followers, with comments like “‪@Oreo I’m slow clapping you. Best tweet of the night. Social media rapid response at its finest.”

Let’s look at the numbers: The picture was re-Tweeted 15,000+ times, favourited over 5,000+ times, garnered almost 20,000 likes, inspired 790+ comments, and has enjoyed 6,000+ shares.

This is truly newsjacking at its finest. And sure there were other brands that got in on the action to varying degrees of success. But this is just the beginning. We are excited about this response, but we think that agencies and brands can do more. Of course, they have to be prepared for instant sign-off. As we said in our launch video in 2011, they have to be prepared to “take the legal team to breakfast.” Or invite them to your Super Bowl party as the guys at 360i did. Read more about how the agency achieved this instant sign-off here.

There are moments when we’ve felt that the world is ready to embrace this properly. Oreo’s tweet was one of these moments. For non-topical real-time content creation, we felt this same euphoria after Old Spice Man made 100+ response films to tweets a few years ago. We’ve been providing brands and agencies with structures and tactics for 2.5 years now and we’re finally seeing more of them start to act like newsrooms. We love the fact that the Oreo client was in the war room approving ads in minutes, but we want more. We want full interactive platforms like TheArtistifier.com which we did for the Oscars last year. These sites can be pre-approved and ready and waiting to launch when the buzz is at its peak. The Super Bowl was a huge step toward people accepting Urgent Genius with newsjacking as a lead tactic in the creation of their real-time setup. If you want more information about how to prepare your agency or brand for an Oreo-style response, get in touch. And check out the journey of how we first started tracking real-time responses and newsjacking in our book Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising. Our publisher just tweeted pics of the hard cover proof here.

Sources: David Meerman Scott, Hubspot, Mashable, MarketingLand (thanks, ML, for thumbnail image with #newsjacking hashtag)

Thanks to our Urgent Genius social content creative Guy Galloway for contributing the Oreo introduction for this article. Expect a lot more brilliance from him in the coming months.

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Vine v FrameBlast

In our Urgent Genius Weekenders, we encourage clients and creatives to use the latest tools in a way that’s never been thought of before. Of course, being the first to do something mind-blowing is great too.

So we’ve seen two very exciting “Instagram for Video” apps hit the market in the last month. One you’ve heard of is Vine from Twitter.  Here’s a few “creative” uses from Jimmy Fallon and other TV-related companies from Lost Remote. From a brand perspective, here’s a roundup from Fast Company of the most creative uses so far. I like Urban Outfitters tribute to Beer Can Appreciation Day and Trident’s gallery of chewing.

And while you’re thinking in 6 seconds, why don’t you think in 3-5 seconds and make brilliant vignette style videos set to music with Frameblast. They just got a great write-up in TechCrunch.

Full disclosure:: I know Steve and Aaron from Frameblast and even helped them write their launch copy. Bias aside, they have thought this thing through in incredible detail. The button is in the centre of your phone so you’ve got a firm grip on it unlike iPhone’s camera where it’s on the side. Also, if you film 20 clips of your kids in the park or of the hipsters you pass in Shoreditch on your way to work and you follow the 3-5 second optimal clip length and pick a track in your iTunes and one of several amazing filters, you’ll have a really clever clip on  YouTube in a minute or so ready for you to Facebook it out to your people. I’ve got an invite from FrameBlast to be a beta tester for some new filters that look amazing so I will share the results with you next week hopefully.

In a nutshell, FrameBlast is a simple, clever tool that’s incredibly easy to use. I see life in 3-5 second vignettes now and can makes films set to music almost instantly. I’m excited about using this for brands and proving to them that video content can be both Urgent and Genius.

Have you seen any creative uses of either tool? Let us know. Also, get FrameBlast-ing and Vine-ing and share your results with us. Better still, do it for brands related to a trending topic and watch the shares and retweets roll in.

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