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Getting Piggy With It

David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, has been hit by more scandal relating to his university days. It’s alleged that he had an incident with a pig. Cassette Boy in his signature remix style has created this viral hit with the PM “Getting Piggy With It”. Genius.


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Paddy Power Border

Paddy Power have been up to their usual tricks and have created a stunt tapping into the story in the UK about illegal immigrants jumping on to lorries in Calais to get into the UK.

The Irish Bookmaker tweeted the images below yesterday:

We’re waiting to see if there’s a further twist to this tale?

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World Cup Traitor

Paddy Power have been as busy as ever during the Word Cup with their tactical campaign in the UK. They caged a ‘traitor’  supporter for betting against England in their opening game against Italy. They also offered 50 quid to anyone who shared a selfie with the billboard.

Traitor Tony follows their rainforest deforestation gag that got significant social buzz last week. They posted the picture below:

It got a fair few people bemoaning Paddy Power’s irresponsible act. It, however, turned out to be an expert Photoshop job and PP came clean with the post below:

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Mini Not Normal

Our iris Worldwide London office have been busy with some real-time acts of kindness to reward Mini drivers in the new ‘Not Normal’ campaign. The team took over 3 digital billboards on the Cormwell Road. Mini spotters on the ground looked out for Mini drivers and posted messages on the digi sites offering up rewards such as free bacon butties, fill-ups at the next petrol station, car washes and bunches of flowers. It’s a great example of real-time rewards and it’s sure to drive greater brand affinity amongst Mini’s already loyal base. Check out the case study video below.

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Mini Budget

On Thursday George Osborne, the UK’s Chancellor, announced his latest budget. The iris Worldwide London guys produced this ad and post to inform George of the great finance deals available on a sporty little number.

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