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House Oz Cards

With the fourth season of House Of Cards in full swing Netfix have been responding to Bill Turnbull’s political moves in Australia

The Telegraph’s front page looks like this today

And this is Netflix’s admiring tweet to Turnbull

Thanks to Phil for the heads up.

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Yorkshire PM

The UK’s Prime Minister was unaware that a TV mic was on when he made a throw away joke about all Yorkshiremen hating one another. Yorkshire Tea made the urgent post below. Simple and rapid it resulted in almost 2k retweets

Thanks to Mr Hadfield for the spot

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Lidl Zayn Tweet

March was a big month for real-time marketing and for me professionally. Brands went nuts about a black and blue or white and gold dress. TopGear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was sacked. Zayn left One Direction. And I launched a new consultancy TBC and have committed to blogging more regularly about brands attempting to be more relevant with their content.

To kick things off, I’ve partnered with my incredibly smart friend Jessica Hagy to provide you with original infographics related to trending topics that brands are currently newsjacking:

Jessica captures this tragic moment perfectly for me. I wish brands were as clever. Fortunately, supermarket Lidl UK captured Zayn quitting the band in a way that made me smile with this tweet:

This response from Lidl was quick and clever. It was related to what they do. It featured a relevant product. It got global media coverage and 20K retweets. There were a few other brands that scored well on my BALLSY rating. By BALLSY, I mean Brave, Actionable, Long-term, Likeable, Surprising and You-centric:

As I do more BALLSY workshops with brands and collaborate with awesome folk like Jessica Hagy (check out her new Art of War Visualized book here), I am hopeful that more brands will create real-time content strategies and write them down and post them all over their newsroom/war-room/board room with screens/command centres. There are more brands out there who are willing to take risks and fail faster.

After we get my favourite newsjacking moment out of the way (April Fool’s Day is TODAY), let’s go back to trying to help people. Let’s create useful AND entertaining real-time content.

If you see anything BALLSY — either reactive or planned  – please tweet it to me at @jonburkhart. (This is a cut-down from a longer post from my Medium blog. Follow all my posts (newsjacking and otherwise) here.

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Oscars 2015

Amobee Brand Intelligence have ranked the top brands measured by social mentions during the Oscars.

Lego and Dove came out on top:

Lego courtesy of the performances of Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island plus the Lego Oscars that were handed out to the crowd received 46,881 social mentions with a 45% positive sentiment.

Dove’s #speakbeautiful hashtag which looks to turn negative tweets about female body image into positives resulted in sentiment around the brand and hashtag reaching 91% positive remarks.

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KLM have a history of real-time fun and they have just launched a 5 day campaign in Schiphol Airport. Along with their agency (DDB Tribal) they have created a customer service team which is camped out in the airport. The team will monitor Twitter  for tweets from any travellers in the airport who are in some sort of strife. The team are on a mission to respond with #HappytoHelp answers to passengers all in real-time. We also love how surprised this KLM lady looks as she discovers there’s a coffee machine in the command centre.

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