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Suarez Bite 2.0

I had another tantrum when Suarez bit Chellini in the World Cup last week. I started researching it and then got fed up with brands jumping on the band wagon. Many had no link at all to football or food. It was similar to the Royal Baby situation for me. It wouldn’t have been hard to do something fun and interactive over night INSTEAD of creating a week joke about biting to flog your dracula outfits, right? While Grant beat me to a post about 4 of the tweets that you could argue were perfectly appropriate, I would add this Bud Light one to his list:

This wasn’t sheer genius. It was just a quick win. It made me smile. It involved the product which is tough to do but always good if you can as these brands are actually trying to sell stuff. Or did we forget that with all this inane opportunistic brand hijacking?

Now I move to Newsjacking 2.0. Instead of tweets about the bite, I want the creative folk in agencies to get to 3D printing and iBeaconing and product designing. I want them to make films and music videos and games. All within hours of the news trigger. This means sacrificing sleep but it could make you famous. I’ll even applaud a quick bit of real-time promotional swag creation. Here, let me tell you a story of how this could work for me. Let’s say I’m in a late afternoon meeting with one of my clients BBC or a potential new client ITV (broadcasters of the World Cup in England). It’s the day after the Suarez bite. We’re talking about doing a real-time content workshop together perhaps. They say, “would you like a beer?” Of course, I accept their offer then I pull out a BBC or ITV branded bottle opener:

(I didn’t create this item. I’m just using it as an example. Someone did and it’s selling now on eBay more than a week later for £6). Now this gets me excited. I bet BBC or ITV would sign me up then and there. No, it gets better. They ask me to come back tomorrow with a proposal. I get excited. Why? Because an hour after the bite occurred, I had briefed a games developer to make this game:

I will be in the Android store less than 30 hours after the incident which means I can show them that in my breakfast meeting the next day. When you’re ready to move on past silly “let’s shoe-horn our brand” into a badly photoshopped visual, call me or any of the people who made Soccer Bite and that bottle opener thingy.

Have you seen anything interesting related to the World Cup that qualifies as Newsjacking 2.0? Something that really surprised you with a “how did they make that so quickly?” or something that you’d really want to buy on eBay or in the iOs or Android store? Ideally, these interactive clever bits will create an emotional connection with you. They won’t just be crappy gimmicks. Think long and hard about this. I sure have. Better still, just line up your developers and promo swag makers and get them ready. When you call, they’ll need to be quick off the mark. NOTE: Keep in mind that the game and bottle opener were available over a week after the event and they’re still getting press. The quicker the better, obviously.

Thanks to Ben Shaw for being quick off the mark re tweeting about the Suarez game and Nico Tuppen for finding the bottle opener.

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One Stadium Live

One week. One week until it’s here. The World Cup. I’m so excited. I can only type short. So sorry. This is the best year ever. Best year to be a football fan. Why? The world’s properly gone mobile. Watching video on your smart phone wasn’t as easy in South Africa 2010. This year, it’s the mobile World Cup. What does that mean for us? It means content will be consumed in pubs, on the street, at bus stops, in city centres. At all hours of the night.

I will be creating many blog posts here and on a new Real-time Content Labs blog over the next month and this one, my second World Cup post, excites me more than ever. Nick Bailey, CEO/ECD of Isobar London invited me over to his office to find out about a very special digital platform that could only be released now in the first ever totally digital World Cup.

You could hear the passion in Nick’s voice as he talked about the last year and a half he’s spent working with Sony to develop the One Stadium Live digital platform to help Sony provide an exciting experience for football fans.

So what is One Stadium Live? Essentially, it’s a community for football fans that curates the best conversations happening on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Also, from next Thursday when the first match kicks off, it will have a Match Live feature which will be a brilliant second-screen app for keeping up with the conversation in real-time.

Nick has worked with some of the smartest tech minds in the business to get this platform off the ground. I love that a year and a half later, he can still remember the copy from the pitch’s manifesto film: “At the centre of field of sacred earth a boot hits a ball and all around caldron of passion erupts.  A stadium but one like none that has existed before. A stadium not defined by architecture or number of seats….”

I’m a soccer nut (first job: US Soccer Federation – deal with that, fair-weather fans) and that sort of language gives me chills. As Nick says, because fans from all 32 countries will be following the matches on their phones wherever they are around the world in real-time, this mobile and web platform will actually create a virtual ‘stadium’ of fans united around the passion for their team.

Go USA. Come on, Eng-er-land (wife is English). Go Holland or whatever they say in Amsterdam (keynoting at a newsjackathon right before NED v SPA next Friday so I’m going to be Dutch for a night).

What tools are you using to connect you with fans for the next month? What brand activity has excited you so far? Watch this blog for more and please tweet me @jonburkhart with comments as I never check the comments here. Not real-time enough for me. Sorry.

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Rooney move

Mr Rooney has been a bit unsettled and the chat about a move to Chelsea has been keeping headline writers busy. Manchester United and their new manager David Moyes have been adamant that he’s not for sale. Zoopla, the house buying website, created this ad van execution and parked it in front of Old Trafford yesterday to try to catch Wayne’s wandering eye.

Spotted by Jon and Steve

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In Adland the rumoured Publicis and Omnicom merger has been big news. So we were amused by Seattle based indie agency Copacino & Fujikado’s cheeky pop at the two big  networks with this congratulatory outdoor poster in the centre of their home town.

More on Ad Age here and thanks to Jesse for the heads up

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Lions meat

It was a big weekend for British sport and a number of brands produced topical ads celebrating their association with the successes. This one by Landrover, the official automotive sponsors of the British Lions, did the rounds after the Brits comprehensively won the third test against the Aussies.

Thanks to Michael and Ant for the heads up

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