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Brand Troll Guide

I’ve been studying this trend of real-time marketing for almost five years. I’ve seen insurance companies and pet foods attempt to opportunistic hijacking tactics for the #RoyalBaby. I’ve seen chewing gum brands asking Luis Suarez to not ‘chew soccer players” after he bit (not chewed) an Italian.

Last night’s humiliation of Brazil made me feel a bit sick. So sick that I think it may be better for me to throw in the towel and join the dark side. So here you go — 3 Tips On How To Be A Brand Troll

Commit to your first thoughts.

Twist marketing catch-phrases to back you up. “Always be shipping” comes to mind. Done is better than good or even coherent.

Don’t spend any time getting to know your audience.

When it comes to doing things in real-time, you really must think of yourself first. Crafting messages that connect emotionally with fans will only take more time. At all costs, do not do something that your fans would expect from you. Be sure that you newsjack any event that is getting a lot of traction. This is not about being relevant to your audience. It’s about being quick. First one out the gate wins. Always.

Only think in tweets.

Don’t even think about doing something interactive and fun like the Suarez bottle opener and game. Or a simple 10 second film (screengrab above) where a cocktail glass is obliterated by a massive German pint.

Shoe-horn your product into the post.

If you’ve got some stock shots lying around, then use them. If you can photoshop your product into them in any way, shape or form, do it. It will help with brand recall and shift a load of goods. That’s what it’s about anyway. Social selling. Get that product in — hopefully in an unnatural way — and make sure you’re agency punslingers are at the ready. Also try to invent silly words like punslingers and then overexplain them (cross between gunslinger + pun) to further insult your audience.

Forget that you’re human.

This is the most important factor of all. It’s all about not forgetting your human not just a marketing machine. It’s about making stuff that creates an emotional connection with your audience. I Or maybe we should just give up.

There’s a new book coming out in August and I’ve written a chapter in it about this topic, but don’t bother reading it. I also do workshops on the matter but you really should ignore this second attempt at blatant self-promotion because it’s easier to just keep trolling. If you learn anything from me, you’ll only have to go sell it in to your CEO and then that may require some organisational changes. Now, this is getting a bit complicated. I thought you just wanted an easy life, right. Fine, may the quickest troll win.

Thanks to Digiday & Adnews for doing round-ups (including examples abov) in the middle of the night while I went to bed crying thinking that my real-time mission and career was a total failure before I woke up with an evil plan.

(This post originally posted yesterday on my new favourite platform Medium. It’s here.)

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Voice Your Support

I love tweeting. I love music. I love tweeting about music. Now a credit card brand in the UK have combined both for me. Barclaycard sponsors the Mercury Music Prize in the UK and this year they decided to achieve a world-first that involved music fans creating vinyl records comprised of their tweets in real-time. They’ve basically married very analogue and a very digital formats in a clever way.

How’s it work? You tweet a tribute to one of the shortlisted artists. It’s then converted to a vocal audio track and then, along with other people’s messages, cut onto a one-off vinyl record and given to the artist so they can listen to an album of people telling them how brilliant they are.

Thanks to Toby and Ben for sharing their latest bit of Urgent Genius with us so we could share it with you. Head over to the Voice Your Support site and send a tweet to the band you support. I’m a new fan of one of the finalists Jessie Ware fan after hearing Josh Kumra cover her track “Wildest Moments” on Hype Machine. In my opinion, Josh’s version is better but I still think she’s great, so I’m heading there now to tweet me some vinyl. Let us know in the comments what you think about this? Seen any other music-related Urgent Genius that we should know about?

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Rugby World Cup until 23rd October

Rugby World Cup 2011

In the home of arguably the most famous team in the world, the stage is set for a knee slapping, knuckle crunching world cup. Blood, sweat and a surprising amount of macho men’s tears have gone into the carefully orchestrated annihilation that is each 80 minute period. In case you’re wondering what’s out there, we’ve compiled our top 3 Urgent Genius stories relating to the world cup:

If you liked Paul the octopus then check out this Baaaaarilliant predicting sheep for the betting shop Paddy Power. Not the most original but it’s proving popular.

With over a million views this spontaneous Haka by young Maori leaders caused a stir

And if you can’t remember the rules, and even if you don’t really care, a lot of people may want to be reminded by watching this video from Lynx Australia, its view count keeps on rising .

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Step Inside The Circuit Singapore

Our latest episode in the Step Inside The Circuit Series for Johnnie Walker looks at Singapore’s night race. We were shooting over a four day period  in the run-up to the race. Working with Firecracker we’ve fine tuned the process to turn around content in 48 hours after the race has finished. The content has been taken up by broadcasters globally.

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Lynx Rugby World Cup Rules

This Lynx film has clocked up over a million views. It’s by Soap the digital shop in Sydney. We’ve been on the look out for Rugby Urgent Genius work. We think this piece definitely rides the Rugby fever wave. However it just seems a little shallow. Sure enough you’ll going get eyeballs if you show scantily clad girls in tight rugby shirts groping one another but where’s the clever twist? Lynx used to have a cheeky side where a clever irreverence came through in the work, this latest effort seems devoid of the magic which would have made it genius. That said it’s generated a load of views and the teenage lad market (as well as the older male population) have obviously lapped it up.

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