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Ford Van Damme

Van Damme doing the splits between two Volvo trucks has been taking the net by storm. Artjail a VFX studio residing in Chinatown NYC decided to comp Rob Ford (the crack smoking Toronto Mayor) on to Van Damme’s body. It’s a lovely comp job by the post production studio. Check it out below:

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IKEA’s Gravity

Gravity the film starring Clooney and Bullock has been smashing it at the box office.  Film maker Daniel Hubbard has created a spoof trailer that sees a couple fighting for survival in the vast space of an IKEA showroom. Check it out below:

Take a look at the original trailer below:

Thanks to @BradFinlay for the heads up

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Mine of Steel

We featured the lo-fi Thai remake of Iron Man 3 a few weeks ago. For the last couple of weeks the Man of Steel trailers have been doing the rounds and the homage below has been created entirely in the blocky world of minecraft. Enjoy.


Original trailer here:


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Thai Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 opened on Wednesday and according to Hollywood Reporter it grossed  $13.2 million at the international box office on it’s opening day. That’s pretty good news for Disney and Marvel. Now I’ve just come across this remake of the trailer by some Thai boyband crew called FedFe. It’s at 95,ooo views and it may not smash 13.2 million but it’s a brilliant lo-fi remake of the official trailer. Happy Friday.

And here’s the original

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RMS Titanic in super super 3D

This Sunday marks the 100 year anniversary of  the Titanic sinking. James Cameron’s film has been re-released in 3D. This pastiche by Pistol Shrimps has racked up 10 million views as it reveals the new 3D techniques that have been used along with a few guest executive directors/producers.

If you haven’t already seen it here it is:

Thanks to Grifter

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