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Real-time analysis

Adweek have asked Topsy to run the stats on a selection of real-time campaigns to see if they have actually made a difference. They’ve looked at 6 executions including the Mini Beef post by our London Office.

It proves that if you strike at the right time with a surprising and relevant execution the brand can see a positive shift in sentiment. However, as we often point out, you’ve got to be genuine and relevant. And they’ve shown the potential Urgent Fail effect if you get it wrong, as illustrated by American Apparel’s Hurricane offer (we featured it on the blog back in October 2012) .

Read more on Ad Week here illustrations by Carlos Monteiro.

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R C Tourist

The Melbourne Tourist board launched their Remote Controlled Tourist today. It features two tourists, a guy and a girl, who are wandering around the city with live streaming cameras. They are controlled by the suggestions from the social sphere and it’s all in real-time. It’s by Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne and runs until the 13th October. It is reminscent of the streaming proxy bots at SXSW two years ago by Proximity BDDO -  we wonder it that was the test bed for the tech for this consumer facing campaign?

Take control of the tourists here

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Mischief Newsroom

I had the opportunity to chair a panel at Social Media Week last week and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was intrigued by Paul Mallon from Paddy Power and his newsroom set-up as well as Paddy Power’s Mischief Department (under Head of Mischief Ken Robertson). Both the editorial and social teams work alongside Mischief to amplify Paddy Power’s ambush marketing like the Ryder Cup Sky Tweets and Nicklas Bendtner flashing his Lucky Pants at Euro 2012.

I can’t get it out of my mind actually. Why? Well, this month, I’m helping a friend set up a brand newsroom so my mind is very focused on the what’s, why’s and how’s of agencies and brands becoming real-time publishers. I’m developing a list of questions you should ask yourself before you even think about setting up a newsroom. I’d like to use the example of Paddy Power to kick off this process.

Why do their social and editorial channels exist? To provide real-time insight and tips about the various bets on offer. They have hyper-relevance in their DNA. Not being first in the betting world can cost you millions. That’s why Paul and the Editorial and Social Media teams at Paddy Power make sure the content on his social channels is very very timely. The newsroom set-up helps with this, of course. Do Paddy Power fans on Facebook just want jokes related to a trending topic like the sacking of Paolo di Canio below? Paddy Power’s mischief makers comes up with these juicy nuggets but they must have a Useful Information Department as well providing fans with information on new bets and products. I love this balance of useful and topical often shocking entertainment. All of it makes you feel something. You feel that Paddy Power knows you. They’re alive and always thinking – always trying to keep you on your toes. Paul admits that they haven’t nailed video or interactive content yet (a particular focus of my own personal mischief agenda) but they are always interesting and they can’t be ignored. How many other brands can say that? Are there any other brands that are consistently interesting and relevant? I want to focus on content that has this level of irreverence for the next few months. Tweet me at @jonburkhart if you find anything

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Changeable Weather

This happened a few months back but we admit it, we missed it. It’s a campaign for Redoute (the  French fashion retailer who we’ve featured before on the UG blog). In this execution, by BDDO CLM, they used digital outdoor to change the outfits on the models in the ads in relation to the actual weather conditions. It’s a fun real-time enabled outdoor campaign.

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Wimbledon started yesterday and our London office have created a Twitter based game for adidas UK to add further excitement to the Murray frenzy. If you didn’t know it’s actually quite a big deal for us Brits, as one of us might actually may win tennis’ greatest championship. Titled #hitthewinner it encourages Murray fans to get behind their man and predict where he’s going to hit a winner in each set. The court is divided in to 9 zones and you have to tweet your prediction to @adidasuk before the start of each set. Official adidas and Murray gear are up for grabs.

Check out @adidasUK on Twitter

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