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Look Up

We weren’t very Urgent on this post so apologises. But we felt it was worthy of a post for all those who may have missed it. BA have been playing with digital outdoor over the last few years. We featured their live broadcast from the Caribbean in the Newsjacking book. Their latest digital outdoor campaign asks people to look up. It features video of kids looking up into the sky to coincide with planes passing overhead. It then displays the actual flight number and the location of  the plane’s embarkation port. And it’s all done in real-time. They set it up in two locations Picadilly Circus and on one of the major carriageways running into the city.


Domino’s have jacked the outdoor execution with their own version. Check it out:

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Middle Earth Air

Apologies for the month of silence from me on the blog and thanks to Grant for being prolific as always. I’ve been setting up a newsroom at an agency and while it’s been full-on, I’m so excited about what we’ve built. I’ve got several posts I’m working on including a Movember round-up, but I got excited about a campaign from Air New Zealand so I’ve had to blog about it. Last year, Air New Zealand did an Hobbit-themed air safety video. I’m not a Tolkien fan boy but I am always looking for brands to do something big for the fans when they do take on a massive sponsorship like this. This year, they’ve made a 2 minute epic film called Just another day in Middle-earth #airnzhobbit featuring a character from the film and hundreds of airport staff.

For Tolkien geeks, there are two grand prizes – a trip to NZ and a trip to the film premiere in LA on 2 Dec. And they’ve decked out a plane as a flying Hobbit billboard which will land in LA right before the premiere. That’s great, but standard fare for a promotion in my mind. This could be huge. Let me stress the COULD. They’ve put the hashtag #airnzhobbit in the title of the film. This is where I think a real-time newsroom could come in handy. They’ve captured the geeks’ imaginations with this campaign so I am hoping that they have a few tricks up their sleeves for people using the hashtag. If they keep their Hobbit ears finely tuned to passionate fan requests and comments, I think there could be some shareable content that will find its way to Buzzfeed and Reddit if it’s good enough. I hope they’ve set aside a pot of money to make fans feel special with personalized video. This is a gift of a campaign because of the fan-boy factor. Air New Zealand, do it for the fans. Do a Hobbit-style version of the Cannes Lion winning Bodyform video from my mates at Rubber Republic. You’ve got millions of fans ready to share it if you do.

Reference Link: Agency Spy

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Real-time scoreboard

Victoria Beer have created miniature scoreboards, just in time for The Ashes. Campaign Brief reports that they are giving away the Wifi enabled boards powered by Buzz (a live streaming service). The boards will keep Aussies up-to-date with every ball bowled with commentary from ex-cricketer Ian Healy. They also plays the VB theme tune to signify the last hour of play. VB have created a great real-time gadget and they are sure to be a hit with Australian Cricket fans.

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Real-time analysis

Adweek have asked Topsy to run the stats on a selection of real-time campaigns to see if they have actually made a difference. They’ve looked at 6 executions including the Mini Beef post by our London Office.

It proves that if you strike at the right time with a surprising and relevant execution the brand can see a positive shift in sentiment. However, as we often point out, you’ve got to be genuine and relevant. And they’ve shown the potential Urgent Fail effect if you get it wrong, as illustrated by American Apparel’s Hurricane offer (we featured it on the blog back in October 2012) .

Read more on Ad Week here illustrations by Carlos Monteiro.

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R C Tourist

The Melbourne Tourist board launched their Remote Controlled Tourist today. It features two tourists, a guy and a girl, who are wandering around the city with live streaming cameras. They are controlled by the suggestions from the social sphere and it’s all in real-time. It’s by Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne and runs until the 13th October. It is reminscent of the streaming proxy bots at SXSW two years ago by Proximity BDDO -  we wonder it that was the test bed for the tech for this consumer facing campaign?

Take control of the tourists here

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