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Paddy Power Border

Paddy Power have been up to their usual tricks and have created a stunt tapping into the story in the UK about illegal immigrants jumping on to lorries in Calais to get into the UK.

The Irish Bookmaker tweeted the images below yesterday:

We’re waiting to see if there’s a further twist to this tale?

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Neville Pundit Meme

I just returned on Saturday from an epic 24-hour newsjackathon in Amsterdam where I led a workshop on the future of newsjacking. After a delay at the airport, I rushed home and was greeted at the door not by my lovely wife but by Phil Neville the rookie pundit. As his first effort at colour commentating, it was very poor. 445 people complained to the BBC about it and loads of losers tweeted him saying they wanted to kill him and/or hope he got cancer. (These idiots used the wrong handle and actually threatened a radiator salesman in Ipswich who has since offered to swap jobs with Neville the pundit.) I was already annoyed because I was late and the craft beer still needed 10 minutes in the freezer. My wife and I sat down and nervously watched my 2nd team wishing we could turn the sound down. I suffered through it thinking Phil was a bit boring. Unfortunately, Balotelli struck the eventual winner and all of England decided to turn their venom away from the pitch and onto the punditry box.

Here are the Top 6 efforts by individuals and brands to comfort the pain of losing despite ‘cute little boy” Raheem Sterling (wife’s words) and the ever-dangerous Daniel Sturridge looking really strong throughout. Come on England, do better on Thursday (in the match, in the picking of your scape goat and in the hopefully more fun and interactive newsjacking).

Award for Best Use of Photoshop From A Very Boring Brand To Make Me Smile (A Little):

Well played Chemist Direct. Invented a fake product similar to my fave Banancin didn’t you? For some reason, I don’t expect the healthcare/pharma sector to win newsjackathons but watch this space. I am leading workshops for pharma and am holding out a lot of hope despite the pages of regulations and compliance issues to wade through.

Award for Best Re-Use of Neville’s Saturday Night Snorefest Audio

Simple bit of droll voice over makes this little film very funny.Well done comedian and Huff Po blogger Michael Spicer.

Award For Best Neville Slam Using An Iconic British TV Programme:

Satirical site BBC Sporf has a steady stream of fun stuff on their Twitter feed. This comparison of Neville to boring vicar Father Fitzgerald from Father Ted has been retweeted more than 1.5K times, more than any other photo related to this snoozefest.

Joint Award For Best Tweet From A Public Service That Obviously Had A Lot Of Time On Their Hands Not Fighting Crime For Two Hours:

One of my favourite newsjacking moments of last year was from the Seattle Police when they passed out Doritos at the Hemp Fest. Well, two English police forces were busy tweeting during the match. I think these are decent efforts. I hope to see more from the public sector in the coming weeks. Law enforcement is tough. The lighter touch is a masterstroke in helping change perception in this arena.

Award For Urgent And Slight Genius From A Brand With A Relevant Message:

Nothing irritates me more than brands attaching themselves to a news story that has nothing to do with what they sell or the community associated with said product (See my Royal Baby round-up from last summer for more on this.) Jobsite UK was very quick off the mark with this tweet. It made me smile and gave me a half-second of nostalgia related to speak and spell. And yes, Phil, may be looking for a new job after the World Cup. This is an obvious connection and not entirely original but it worked and it was quick.

Award For Best Photo Of Phil Neville Putting Himself To Sleep With His Own Voice.

No explanation needed. Simple. Effective. Nice jab, Kieron.

BONUS: Award For Most-Understated Text Only Non-Neville Pundit Slam That Proves That They Totally Know Their Audience And Are Often Pitch Perfect With Their Jabs:

Mischievous newsjacking gods Paddy Power ignored the Neville situation and sent a text only slam about Jonathan Pearce’s very strange misunderstanding of the quite straight-forward goal-line technology.

DOUBLE BONUS: Future Award For Simple Interactive Newsjack Of The Phil Neville Situation

I love looking at one cultural trigger like the Neville snoozefest and seeing how brands and individuals choose to react to it with their real-time content. Big brands have set up newsrooms for this, the first truly social World Cup. I think we’re still a bit behind the USA in the UK. I am hopeful though. Here’s a little tip of how I would have approached the Neville situation. I looked at Pinterest (not just for girls, sorry) and found the above image of his Training School app. I would have used that as a template and created a simple interactive site that allowed you to go to the Phil Neville Pundit School. My coder mate would have coded it over night and it would have launched on Sunday morning. Instead, I was recovering from 24 hours of newsjacking in Amsterdam.

If you want to go large with your newsjacking and explore how to use interactive games, iBeacons and connected devices to newsjack the World Cup, let’s talk about the workshops I lead. Also, please tweet me (@jonburkhart) any examples of real-time content you’ve seen and liked/hated using the #newsjacking and #WorldCup2014 hashtags.

World Cup Traitor

Paddy Power have been as busy as ever during the Word Cup with their tactical campaign in the UK. They caged a ‘traitor’  supporter for betting against England in their opening game against Italy. They also offered 50 quid to anyone who shared a selfie with the billboard.

Traitor Tony follows their rainforest deforestation gag that got significant social buzz last week. They posted the picture below:

It got a fair few people bemoaning Paddy Power’s irresponsible act. It, however, turned out to be an expert Photoshop job and PP came clean with the post below:

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Brits Power

Paddy Power created more mischief at The Brits Awards in London on the 19th Feb. Two Daft Punk look-a-likes whipped off their trousers to reveal two pairs of Lucky Pants. It picked up loads of press coverage and generated a healthy amount of retweets. It’s also a great fit for the brand seeing as The French Duo’s incredibly successful single is titled Get Lucky.

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Emergency Manager

On Wednesday I met the wonderful folk at Paddy Power. They invited me along to chat about Newsjacking at their Mischief Summit. I love the fact that they have a Department of Mischief and job roles with Mischief in their titles. Over the years we’ve featured some of their cheeky exploits and this week they played a lovely prank up in Manchester. It featured a waxwork of United Legend Sir Alex Ferguson. They unveiled it after United’s latest defeat. For those  that don’t know (or don’t give a monkey’s about football) David Moyes is the current United manager and since taking over from Ferguson the team haven’t had the successes that they grew used to under Fergie. The emergency waxwork was released moments after the defeat and it’s yet another great example of Paddy Power’s irreverent humour.

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