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Back2theFuture Day

So the 21st October 2015 has finally arrived and it was designated #BackToTheFutureDay and sure enough there were lots of brands jumping in on the conversation and many were shockingly bad but here are a few we thought delivered:

Lyft in NYC teamed up with Verizon to offer free rides in a DeLorean

Ikea in their self assembly instruction style simply posted this image for their hoverboard – the Hova

Nike gave MJ Fox a pair of auto lace boots and has said they’ll donate the proceeds from sales to Fox’s Parkinsons charity

Westfield shopping centre in Stratford in the UK kept it simple:

Universal promoted their box set but as Digg lamented shouldn’t Christopher Lloyd be left in peace to enjoy his retirement?


And Lexus way before BTTF Day released this film which has gone on to rack up 11 million plus views:


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A digital marketing agency based in NYC has jumped on the forthcoming iPhone announcement.They are known as 6S.

Read more about it here:  http://www.6smarketing.com/blog/weare6s/

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Lidl Zayn Tweet

March was a big month for real-time marketing and for me professionally. Brands went nuts about a black and blue or white and gold dress. TopGear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was sacked. Zayn left One Direction. And I launched a new consultancy TBC and have committed to blogging more regularly about brands attempting to be more relevant with their content.

To kick things off, I’ve partnered with my incredibly smart friend Jessica Hagy to provide you with original infographics related to trending topics that brands are currently newsjacking:

Jessica captures this tragic moment perfectly for me. I wish brands were as clever. Fortunately, supermarket Lidl UK captured Zayn quitting the band in a way that made me smile with this tweet:

This response from Lidl was quick and clever. It was related to what they do. It featured a relevant product. It got global media coverage and 20K retweets. There were a few other brands that scored well on my BALLSY rating. By BALLSY, I mean Brave, Actionable, Long-term, Likeable, Surprising and You-centric:

As I do more BALLSY workshops with brands and collaborate with awesome folk like Jessica Hagy (check out her new Art of War Visualized book here), I am hopeful that more brands will create real-time content strategies and write them down and post them all over their newsroom/war-room/board room with screens/command centres. There are more brands out there who are willing to take risks and fail faster.

After we get my favourite newsjacking moment out of the way (April Fool’s Day is TODAY), let’s go back to trying to help people. Let’s create useful AND entertaining real-time content.

If you see anything BALLSY — either reactive or planned  – please tweet it to me at @jonburkhart. (This is a cut-down from a longer post from my Medium blog. Follow all my posts (newsjacking and otherwise) here.

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Krispy On The Ball

The Superbowl is literally just around the corner and there’s sure to be a frenzy of brands trying to emulate Oreo’s past success. In the run up to the big game the New England Patriots became embroiled in controversy relating to the deflation of footballs. The deflation could have given them an unfair advantage in certain games as it helps the players grip the ball. The hashtag #deflategate trended and Krispy Kreme the doughnut maker posted the below.

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Apple Launch

With the buzz around apple’s new watch reaching fever pitch and then subsiding significantly after the unveiling here are a few examples of brands riding the wave.

Ikea in Singapore released their spoof parody featuring their bookbook – released on 3rd September it’s gone on to rack up over 10 million views

Samsung took a pop at Apple with a number of clips – this one makes a jab at Apple’s inability to handle live-streaming.

Toast Box, a food outlet in Singapore, posted the image below:

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