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Ikea Halloween

Ikea in Singapore have created a pastiche of The Shining to communicate their late night opening and all timed for the spook fest at the end of the month.

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Middle Earth Air

Apologies for the month of silence from me on the blog and thanks to Grant for being prolific as always. I’ve been setting up a newsroom at an agency and while it’s been full-on, I’m so excited about what we’ve built. I’ve got several posts I’m working on including a Movember round-up, but I got excited about a campaign from Air New Zealand so I’ve had to blog about it. Last year, Air New Zealand did an Hobbit-themed air safety video. I’m not a Tolkien fan boy but I am always looking for brands to do something big for the fans when they do take on a massive sponsorship like this. This year, they’ve made a 2 minute epic film called Just another day in Middle-earth #airnzhobbit featuring a character from the film and hundreds of airport staff.

For Tolkien geeks, there are two grand prizes – a trip to NZ and a trip to the film premiere in LA on 2 Dec. And they’ve decked out a plane as a flying Hobbit billboard which will land in LA right before the premiere. That’s great, but standard fare for a promotion in my mind. This could be huge. Let me stress the COULD. They’ve put the hashtag #airnzhobbit in the title of the film. This is where I think a real-time newsroom could come in handy. They’ve captured the geeks’ imaginations with this campaign so I am hoping that they have a few tricks up their sleeves for people using the hashtag. If they keep their Hobbit ears finely tuned to passionate fan requests and comments, I think there could be some shareable content that will find its way to Buzzfeed and Reddit if it’s good enough. I hope they’ve set aside a pot of money to make fans feel special with personalized video. This is a gift of a campaign because of the fan-boy factor. Air New Zealand, do it for the fans. Do a Hobbit-style version of the Cannes Lion winning Bodyform video from my mates at Rubber Republic. You’ve got millions of fans ready to share it if you do.

Reference Link: Agency Spy

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IKEA’s Gravity

Gravity the film starring Clooney and Bullock has been smashing it at the box office.  Film maker Daniel Hubbard has created a spoof trailer that sees a couple fighting for survival in the vast space of an IKEA showroom. Check it out below:

Take a look at the original trailer below:

Thanks to @BradFinlay for the heads up

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Thor embrace

This doesn’t appear to be an intentional piece of Urgent Genius but the WSJ picked up on this poster at the Shanghai Bona Insun International Cineplex. It’s promoting the latest installment of Marvel’s Thor. Now the image featured on the poster isn’t actually an official image (it is a loving embrace but has absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the film) and is in fact a fan made piece of Photoshop fun. The cinema seems to have done an image search to find it and has had to apologise to the Hollywood studio. It has however generated significant buzz online.

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Kent’s Meats

Out in the States this spot for Kents Meat has been racking up significant view count. It uses actual CCTV footage of someone trying to break in to their store. With Benny Hill music playing over the top and a VO stating:  “People will do just about anything to get more”.

Now you might be thinking it looks familiar, so do we.  We commend Kent’s Meats for their urgency and we have no idea whether they had seen the Reserva spot from Brazil which we featured on the blog a few months ago. Reserva used CCTV footage of theives stealing $20,000 worth of clothing stock  check it out on the link below.




As with any idea it’s all about who gets it out first.

Via Twitter & Business Insider

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