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Lenskart quake

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an epic fail but as ever the temptation to jump on an inappropriate ‘trend’ seems too much for some. With a devastating earthquake hitting 7.9 on the richter scale, claiming thousands of lives, a sunglasses retailer made a monumental failure of judgment as they decided to send out the sms below.

The criticism across Facebook and Twitter was universal as people shamed the company with hashtag #ShameonLenskart. And Lenskart issued the apology below:

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Coke hate backfire

Coke’s latest  #MakeItHappy campaign takes negative tweets and  turns them into ‘happy’ ASCII images.  It’s a genuine attempt to try and turn negative sentiment into something positive “We turned the hate you found into something happy. RT to make people :)

As with any activity out there on the web there’s always the risk of it being hijacked and that’s exactly what happened as people  started quoting Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf using the campaign hashtag. The automated process resulted in Coke posting an image using the following quote: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children”. Coke have moved quickly and have deleted the post and the campaign is on hold according to Fast Company. It seems this prank slipped through the moderation net.

Read more about it here

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This week the NYPD tweeted out the following message and pic to see if they could get some good ole social conversation going:

The resulting replies weren’t quite what they expected:

See more of the responses they weren’t expecting here

Thanks to Zeyd for the spot

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Uh-Oh Fail

The U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbour was struck by a surprise Japanese military strike on the 7th December 1941. Last Friday saw the 72nd anniversary of the event and the Blogosphere witnessed yet another example of a Urgent Fail by a brand trying to Newsjack in an inappropriate way.

SpaghettiO tweeted the following message:

With over 3 thousand retweets the tweet whipped up a storm that lived up to the brand’s strapline “Uh-Oh”. As we’re highlighted before on this blog and in the book if it looks like blatant commercial exploitation don’t enter the conversation. The anniversary of such a significant historical event really doesn’t need a cheer leading spaghetti hoop to remind everyone of its significance.

The brand has since apologised and  tweeted the below:

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A Golf Nightmare

Grant and I spend a whole chapter in the book warning brands not to just shoe-horn their product into a topical event. In fact, we could add a whole new chapter on the newsjacking fails related to the Royal Baby.

Yet brands keep trying hard to align their products to topical events without considering whether they have a genuine affinity with the brand. The latest offender is the Golf Channel with the tweet above which was later deleted.Who thought the Civil Rights movement was a natural fit for a day’s worth of golf programming?

Was this the worst offender on the day? Probably. But check the Digiday article below for a Taco Bell howler from last year that’s on par. And let us know what fails you’ve seen. Brands will learn. My dream is that it doesn’t have to get worse to get better.

Source: DigiDay

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