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Xmas Trees

Reese’s trees are a  U.S. favourite during the holiday season but this year it seems that the factory has been churning out some less than perfect shaped trees. The socialsphere has been up in arms see below:

But Reese’s hasn’t taken is sitting down and has been busy with a few witty responses using the hashtag #alltreesarebeautiful

Chuck Christmas

Delov Digital in Hungary have stormed YouTube with their pastiche of Van Damme’s split. Chuck Norris takes the splits to another level as he delivers a festive message.


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Starbucks cheer

When it comes to the social space it’s always worth having some kind of moderation in place. By the looks of the image below Starbucks is a fan of transparency and freedom of speech. Many in the UK would disagree with the transparency point as SB along with a number of other multi-nationals have been avoiding paying corporation tax in Britain. Despite Starbucks coughing up 10 million GBP recently (a surprisingly small amount – we might add) the blogosphere has hijacked their Twitter tag #spreadthecheer to give the Starbucks Exec some Christmas advice. The image below is a snap of a screen in a Starbucks shop according to and tweeted by ktalbot21 . Is it a real image or a Photoshop comp? Looking at the #spreadthecheer tag there’s lots of tax chatter taking place. What do you think? How would you respond if you were Starbucks? Money to charity for Xmas perhaps?

Thanks to @bluespen

Parcel Memory

The Swedish Post Office have created another large scale interactive installation for the festive season. Last year they had the live Christmas Card Xmas on wheels with a model railway and smart personalisation. This year they’ve taken the classic pairs game on to a gigantic scale with 400 real green parcels in a 240m Sq space. If you match two presents you win them both. It’s great branding exercise for the Post Office’s green boxes, it uses simple game play, it has a real-time element that rewards people instantly and it’s a good use of tech to update a classic. It launched on the 3rd december and finished 30 hours later with all the prizes claimed. After all it’s the season of giving.


Via Digital Buzz Blog

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Virgin Mobile surprise

Virgin Mobile in the U.S. has stirred up the blogosphere with what they probably thought was a cheeky online ad. Richard Branson has already publicy stated that it was “ill-judged”. The Guardian reported on it last night and it’s clear that Virgin(Branson) doesn’t own the U.S. company. Virgin Mobile U.S. moved quickly to remove the ad which has been accused of making light of rape. The offending ad showed what looks like a stock image of a man holding a gift while holding his hand over his wife’s eyes. The headline reads  : “The gift of Christmas surprise. Necklace? Or chloroform?”.

Image from Twitter.com via The Guardian

It’s the first  example of an Urgent Fail this Holiday Season that we’ve come across. Have you seen any others? Or on a more positive note any Xmas Genius?

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