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Ikea Pencil

Ikea Singapore have followed up their Book Book with a cheeky Facebook post that makes fun of Apple’s new pencil. It was posted on Friday and has over 6000 likes and over 3000 shares. Nice work.

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After the excitement of the iPhone 6 launch last week Apple saw a reverse of fortune as they suffered a 3-4% fall in their stock price yesterday due to more stories of bent iPhone 6s surfacing on the net. Here are 4 responses from brands we spotted:

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Apple Launch

With the buzz around apple’s new watch reaching fever pitch and then subsiding significantly after the unveiling here are a few examples of brands riding the wave.

Ikea in Singapore released their spoof parody featuring their bookbook – released on 3rd September it’s gone on to rack up over 10 million views

Samsung took a pop at Apple with a number of clips – this one makes a jab at Apple’s inability to handle live-streaming.

Toast Box, a food outlet in Singapore, posted the image below:

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itunes Store is 10

Well it is on Sunday and to celebrate Apple has created a multimedia timeline of the digital music store called ‘A Decade of iTunes’. You can find it on the iTunes store.

It shows milestones, such as the 1 billionth song being sold on 23rd February 2006, all the top-selling songs and albums from each year, it’s like a  Top Of The Pops of the net. Other notable facts (according to readwrite) that really bring home why it’s still top of the pile  include:

  • 40 billion apps downloaded
  • 25 billion songs sold
  • More than 15,000 songs downloaded every minute
  • 1 billion courses downloaded on iTunes U
  • More than 100 million books on the connected iBookstore
  • Available in more than 115 countries
  • 45% of the video on demand market in the U.S.

Sources: iTunes, LATimes and Readwrite

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RED apples

Saturday was World AIDS Day. The RED initiative has been part of Bono’s ONE mission to end AIDs. Apple have helped raise greater awareness by turning their logo Red at all of their major retail stores. Bono is lobbying governments to maintain the current level of spending to try and end AIDS by 2022.

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