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Valentine’s Top 5

Best Charitable Use of A Repulsive Creature

The Bronx Zoo’s V-Day offer was epic. They’ve got 58,000 Madagascar roaches that don’t have names. Name your admirer (or ex-lover more likely) after this disgusting pest and donate a tenner to save the bugger.

Best GPS App For Dates With Strangers Nearby

I’m so far removed from the dating world but this seems uber-crazy to me: OK Cupid’s Crazy Blind Date sets you up with a complete stranger in real-time who just happens to be in your general vicinity.

Funniest Coupon Offer Related To V-Day Baby-Making Shenanigans

Ikea Australia has done the math (or has it?) and come up with an amusing Valentine’s Day offer—a free crib for babies born nine months from today. Clip out the voucher and keep it safe. A ridiculous but very PR-able idea.

Most Insightful V-Day Offer Despite V-Day Double-Priced Menus

Heineken is running a Twitter-based Valentine’s Day program that will hook up procrastinators with restaurant reservations last night. Nice idea for people who aren’t cynical of V-Day “special menus.”

Best Social Media Powered Iteration of Cilla Black’s Blind Date Franchise

One of our UG friends Damon Collins created this massive partnership and explained it best to me over email as he was 25 hours of continuous footage in an Urgent Genius manner in LA: “Blind Gate is a live event, a social video campaign and a competition… based on the premise that Air New Zealand’s Economy Skycouch makes long haul flights so good you could even fly to LA for a long weekend.

Bonus: Best use of Russian dictator: Vladentine’s Day

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Vine v FrameBlast

In our Urgent Genius Weekenders, we encourage clients and creatives to use the latest tools in a way that’s never been thought of before. Of course, being the first to do something mind-blowing is great too.

So we’ve seen two very exciting “Instagram for Video” apps hit the market in the last month. One you’ve heard of is Vine from Twitter.  Here’s a few “creative” uses from Jimmy Fallon and other TV-related companies from Lost Remote. From a brand perspective, here’s a roundup from Fast Company of the most creative uses so far. I like Urban Outfitters tribute to Beer Can Appreciation Day and Trident’s gallery of chewing.

And while you’re thinking in 6 seconds, why don’t you think in 3-5 seconds and make brilliant vignette style videos set to music with Frameblast. They just got a great write-up in TechCrunch.

Full disclosure:: I know Steve and Aaron from Frameblast and even helped them write their launch copy. Bias aside, they have thought this thing through in incredible detail. The button is in the centre of your phone so you’ve got a firm grip on it unlike iPhone’s camera where it’s on the side. Also, if you film 20 clips of your kids in the park or of the hipsters you pass in Shoreditch on your way to work and you follow the 3-5 second optimal clip length and pick a track in your iTunes and one of several amazing filters, you’ll have a really clever clip on  YouTube in a minute or so ready for you to Facebook it out to your people. I’ve got an invite from FrameBlast to be a beta tester for some new filters that look amazing so I will share the results with you next week hopefully.

In a nutshell, FrameBlast is a simple, clever tool that’s incredibly easy to use. I see life in 3-5 second vignettes now and can makes films set to music almost instantly. I’m excited about using this for brands and proving to them that video content can be both Urgent and Genius.

Have you seen any creative uses of either tool? Let us know. Also, get FrameBlast-ing and Vine-ing and share your results with us. Better still, do it for brands related to a trending topic and watch the shares and retweets roll in.

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Parking Douche

The Village newspaper in Russia has launched an app that tackles the Russian epidemic of bad parking. Crowd sourced images of offenders uploaded via the app utilise number plate recognition and then add the offending cars into ad units that obstruct the copy on the page. The neat thing being the use of ip detection so the cars you see are offenders in your area. This real-time use of tech then encourages the viewer to remove the offender by clicking share hence spreading the word of the offending car to more people. It’s a name and shame campaign using clever technology.


Spotted by Digital Buzz Blog

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Swedish Sex Graph

This cheeky Swedish effort was released in the summer but we only just caught sight of it. Those horny Stockholmers, at Ester, created The Sex Profile a smartphone app that provides a personal graph based on the rhythm, sound level and duration while having sex. The campaign for Stockholm County Aids Prevention Programme saw condoms  distributed with QR codes printed on their packaging. The codes linked to the free app download. The real-time stats from the apps were collated and then turned into infographic posters which were pasted up around the city. Using the real-time data from the app the campaign highlighted the issue in a light-hearted way without preaching. We hope the length of the sexual activity didn’t suffer from too much urgency and ended prematurely.


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Red cups return

After capitalizing on the festive spirit, Starbuck’s red cups have seemingly managed to rival the classic Coca Cola adverts for seasonal ubiquity.

For this Christmas, they launched a Facebook campaign asking the UK public to vote for their town’s chance to get the red cups first.

Now they have added to the red cup experience by offering fans an augmented reality App allowing them to interact with their favourite drinking receptacle more than ever before. Characters featured on the design come alive with a variety of mini games and an invitation to collect them all.

This App is available for both IOS and Android presumably in a bid show festive unity and goodwill to all men. To whip up the public into such a frenzy merely by announcing the arrival of a cup change to your chain of store is quite a feat. This feat is heightened by the fact that Starbuck’s fans can now interact with it to preempt the Christmas spirit.

A recent study showed that Americans spend more a year on coffee than their children’s education. How do they sleep at night?


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