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Grant Hunter
Grant is the Regional Creative Director,
APAC for iris Worldwide. He co-created Urgent Genius in 2010 with Jon Burkhart and spoke at SXSW interactive 2011 and 2012 on the subject. He set up and co-authored the Urgent Genius Book with Jon. Grant is responsible for iris’ creative output across India, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. He blogs for Campaign Asia and contributes to industry titles such as Contagious, Marketing and Campaign Brief. He has work published in the books Guerrilla Advertising and Advertising is Dead, Long Live Advertising.


Jon Burkhart
Jon is a Social Media Creative Consultan
t and Innovation Director. He coined the term "Urgent Genius" and co-created the social media HQ of the same name in 2010 with Grant Hunter. The pair also spoke at SXSW interactive 2011 and 2012 on the subject. He is now co-authoring the Urgent Genius book with Grant. He helps global clients like Sony Ericsson, Philips and adidas create shareable content and find ways to have a voice in the hot-topic conversations going on right now online. His work has featured on and offline in places like The Guardian, The Telegraph, Campaign and Rolling Stone. He also works with BBC Comedy as a social TV consultant. He tweets at @albinoriotman usually while commuting to work on his Kickped, the world’s fastest adults-only push-scooter.


Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds is the Global Creative Dir
ector of iris. As one of the founding partners from 1999, Sean has been responsible for the iris creative vision, it’s creative model and build of all the iris creative departments across the globe. Sean has been based in New York since 2007, where he has built another three creative offices in the region. In his role as Global CD he has also developed the creative product in other regions such as India, China, Singapore, Australia and Latin America. Sean studied at Central St. Martins, graduating in 1995 and has won a wide range of global awards across all disciplines. Sean’s opinion is regularly sought and he has talked at numerous events and seminars within the industry and he also sits on a number of adjudication panels for creative awards.


London Code Riot

One year ago today, I woke up to find out that my London neighbourhood had been ransacked by looters. The owners of my corner shop had to jump out of a second story window to avoid being burned to death. I was in shock, but I was powerless. I had a newborn in the house so I couldn’t go down and help clean up. Also, as a social media obsessive, my handle @albinoriotman seemed wildly inappropriate so I stopped tweeting for a few days.

So today, to mark the one-year anniversary of this terrible event, I am launching my search to find London rioters who will be willing to learn a new skill that will make them instantly employable. I want to teach them the most important language in the world. I want to teach them how to code so they can make websites and apps. I’d like to help them give back to the society that they ravaged. And then I’d like to see them get jobs not re-offend.

This is a bit ambitious, but I’m going to try it out. I am teaming with Steve Henry of Decoded, the company that helps teach people to code in a day and also Emma MulQueeny of Rewired State, the company that runs hack days as well as Young Rewired State, the philanthropic arm of RS that runs hack days for teenagers.

I am also on the hunt for London-based community-oriented charities that need websites and apps as these will be our ‘clients’ — essentially, the ex-rioters will give back to London by creating topical shareable content and housing them in interactive platforms that will help maximise exposure for charitable organisations that operate on donations and or shoe-string budgets.This is what I’ve been doing for a few years for charities and brands here at Urgent Genius.

Follow LondonCodeRiot on Twitter. I’d love to get your thoughts on how I should go about this little coding movement. Tweet me at @LondonCodeRiot and or @albinoriotman.

Visuals for this post and Twitter background/profile are from the Photoshop Looter which we featured here a few days after the riots.

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