The internet is a angry place and Snickers reckon it’s because we’re all hungry. Clems in Melbourne have created the Hungerithm which analysis Australia’s collective online mood. The angrier Aussies are the cheaper the discount on the Snickers.

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April Fools 2016

It’s that time of year for the pranking to start. And as we pointed out last year we are regurgitating the same formulas. Let’s come up with a fake product, do a sell in film with a few bods from the company talking about the “great invention’. Why does it have to be so predictable.

Google are always one of the first to the party. This year they launched Google Plastic:

Watch the film here:

Jetstar introduced Singlish on their Flights (we saw similar Singlish ideas last year though) Watch the film here:

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House Oz Cards

With the fourth season of House Of Cards in full swing Netfix have been responding to Bill Turnbull’s political moves in Australia

The Telegraph’s front page looks like this today

And this is Netflix’s admiring tweet to Turnbull

Thanks to Phil for the heads up.

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Facebook Emojis

Facebook announced improvements to the Like button with a range of emojis

Our Philips team in Singapore rapidly responded with these posts:

And we also chuckled when we saw this Chrome extension which subs in the Trump:

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CCTV footage repurposed

This piece for Frijoles & Frescas, a U.S. taco outlet, reminds us of the Brazilian Menswear Reserva’s response to some robbers back in December 2012. December is obviously the month that robbers spread some festive cheer.

Check out the Frijoles & Fresca version here:

Reserva also repurposed their CCTV footage of thieves stealing jeans from their outlet. This example from December 2015 follows the same template. And it was reported with the same turning lemons to lemonade reference. We’re not saying that the Frijoles & Frescas knew about the previous Reserva piece and with 4 million views and counting it’s struck a chord with the internet. But Reserva got there first. ;)

Check it out Reservas version  here:

Thanks to Gagey for the spot

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