Urgent: Do it swiftly. Genius: Create powerful social ideas.

At iris Worldwide we have been tracking the power of real-time creativity since 2010. In 2011 and 2012 we were invited to talk about Urgent Genius at SXSW interactive. We have now completed writing a book that will be published by Thames and Hudson in April 2013.

This site will chart the ongoing journey we are on as we track the growing trend of topical social ideas at speed. Individuals, agencies, brands and entrepreneurs are embracing the power of urgency. They live in the Now as they unleash ideas that are pure genius. These ideas are ‘of the moment’ as they capture the zeitgeist. Content was king, now content within context rules the waves. It’s what we call Urgent Genius.

Our Editors are based in New York, London and Singapore. Each month we appoint a guest Editor to join us on the Urgent Genius adventure. If you’d like to join us drop us a note at urgent.genius@gmail.com


Grant Hunter Jon Burkhart Sean Reynolds Guest
Grant co-created Urgent Genius in 2010 with Jon Burkhart and spoke at SXSW interactive 2011 on the subject. He set up urgentgenius.com and is now co-authoring the Urgent Genius Book with Jon. He is the Regional Creative Director, APAC for iris Worldwide and is responsible for iris’ creative output across India, Indonesia, China, Singapore and Australia. Now based in Singapore Grant was previously the Creative Director of iris’ London office for 4 years. He blogs for Campaign Asia and regular contributes to industry titles such as Contagious, Marketing and Campaign Brief. Jon coined the phrase Urgent Genius and spoke with Grant Hunter at SXSXW interactive in 2011 about topical social ideas at speed. Jon is a Social Media Creative Consultant and Innovation Director based in London. A Social Media Explorer he is in to what is new and what is next. He has worked at US agencies N.W. Ayer in Chicago, The Richards Group in Dallas, Bates 141 in New York and Plan B in San Francisco. And numerous agencies in London. Sean is the Global Creative Director of iris Worldwide. As one of the founding partners from 1999, Sean has been responsible for the iris creative vision, its creative model and build of all the iris creative departments across the globe. In early 2007, Sean made a move overseas to New York, where he has since helped build another three creative offices in the region. In his role as Global CD he has developed the creative capabilities in India, China, Singapore and Latin America. Every now and then new guest editors join us. Zeyd is our current guest from our NYC office.
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We’ve been thrilled at all the global press Urgent Genius has received.
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