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Shopped Oscars

The creative brains over at The Shiznit have done a number on the posters for this year’s Oscar nominations by changing the titles to give a more honest take on what they’re all about.  The changes that they’ve made include taking The Descendants – which is nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor, among other things – and changing the title to We get it.  George Clooney is Good at Acting.  Another favourite hack of ours happened to the poster for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which was changed to read All the Rape, No Subtitles.  All the posters are accurate, satirical summaries of what these top films are really communicating.

They’re simple yet effective examples of Urgent Genius in that they cleverly hijack and satirise the currency of the 2012 Oscars within a day of the nominations annoucement.

Rate how Urgent and how Genius these posters are below…

Guest post by Nick Mack

The original post on The Shiznit

50 Reasons Why the Oscars Don’t Matter Anymore

Indie Wire’s Oscar Predictions

The Shiznit’s Posters Covered by Huffington Post

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Sound of Amnesty

An example of where a charity has attempted to use Urgent Genius innovation to push their cause and it has actually worked (REALLY well) is Amnesty International’s Sound of Amnesty campaign.  It was a petition on behalf of those around the world whose cries for help are not heard.  Every time a signature was recorded on the campaign website it was turned into a single music note.  When combined, and released these notes formed A Hymn to Freedom.  This is clearly a nice idea, but not necessarily ground-breaking.  For that, Amnesty International drafted in Shazam.

We all know the disappointment felt when Shazam can’t recognise a song.  Well, Sound of Amnesty turned this into a thought provoking positive.  Whenever Shazam failed to recognise a song, users saw a special message that said ”Valentina Rosendo Cantu could not make herself heard either. Assaulted by soldiers, she asked for justice but the authorities refused to investigate.”

This prompted 150,000 petition signatures in a single week, a whopping 500% increase in the same campaign when it ran the previous year.  The urgent and genius elements of this idea lie in the fact that Amnesty International successfully used a popular service to address a topical issue and dramatically change the course of the cause towards positive ends.

Rate the urgent and genius of this idea below.

Guest post by Nick Mack

Digital Buzz Blog covers The Sound of Amnesty

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The Sound of Amnesty explained on YouTube

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Topical. Quick.  Great example of urgent genius by MasterCard, inserting themselves into the conversation right after last night’s win NFC Championship by the Giants with this print ad published today in local NY papers.  The Giants have taken the ad and posted it to their Facebook page where fans are fueling their support for their team by tagging themselves and spreading the message of their victory.  Bring on the rematch!

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Enter the Dragon

The White House’s YouTube push continues with President Obama making a Lunar New Year address by video.

And NMA explain the story behind Chinese Lunar New Year. Enter the Dragon.

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Nike Fuelband remix

Marsha dropped us a note observing how timely the latest Nike ad is. It’s a totally mashed up affair with recycled footage encouraging us all to make it count with the new Nike Fuel band. With the online protests against SOPA this ad sums up the essence of Internet remix culture. We assume Nike paid to use the clips, but intentionally or not it shows support for the anti SOPA cause. It’s a great example of a brand demonstrating topical and cultural relevance.

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