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David Meerman Scott

Urgent Genius meets a Genius. The first in our new interview series. Urgent Hawkings meets David Meerman Scott, the Author of Newsjacking.

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Top 5 of 2011

2011 has been a pivotal year where we’ve seen more and more real-time techniques being deployed across the globe. Brands and individuals have Newsjacked topical stories with varying degrees of success.  There were many examples to choose from but here are the five that we think are genius.

1. Bacterial billboard for Contagion – Canada

The bacterial billboard announced the release of the new Steven Soderbergh film Contagion on the 28th August. Lowe Roche in Toronto created it with the help of a couple of microbiologists.  Two giant Petri dishes were painted with live bacteria and they multiplied over three hours to spell out the name of the film. As a living billboard that played out in real-time we think it was truly Urgent Genius.

Update:  Lowe Roche worked with Curb Media to realise the project : http://www.curbmedia.com/case-studies-warner.asp

2. Scoopshot app – Finland

Scoopshot monetises crowd-sourced newsworthy imagery, it was created in Finland in February 2011. It links photographers to the media and allows the public to put a price on their images. Put simply, it turns anyone into a mobile news photographer. By downloading the app you can upload any shots you think are newsworthy. You then set the price and the media have 48 hours to buy the image. If they buy an exclusive you get 10 times the price. This is a fascinating platform that uses technology to deliver crowd-sourced news imagery in real-time.

3. Steve Jobs tribute graphic – Hong Kong

The loss of Apple’s leader sent shockwaves across the net and it resulted in numerous tributes in a matter of minutes. The most iconic has to be the graphic of Job’s profile as the bite out of the famous Apple logo. It was designed by Jonathan Mak, a 19 year old Hong Kong Polytechnic student, back in August when Jobs originally resigned.  The graphic lay unnoticed until the announcement of Job’s passing away on 5th October. Mak received over 180,000 messages via his Twitter account in response to the illustration. He stated that any money he made from the image would be donated to cancer charities. It’s a brilliant demonstration of how an idea can, inadvertently, catch the trending wave.

4. @BronxZoo’sCobra Twitter feed – U.S.A.

On the 26th March 2011 the Bronx Zoo, NYC had a bit of a situation. Their Egyptian Cobra went missing. The Egyptian Cobra’s venom is so deadly that apparently it can kill a full-grown elephant in three hours. The New York media whipped up a bit of a frenzy. Reassurance came from an unexpected source as Twitter (@bronxzooscobra) gave the snake a voice. The reality of the situation was that the snake would be hiding scared out it’s tiny mind. The feed brought the snake and her adventures to life with a healthy dose of wit. The media changed its tune as they picked up on the positivity from people across New York who couldn’t get enough of the Cobra. The snake is now the second most followed animal on Twitter.

5. Heineken Star Player app – UK

In April AKQA created Heineken’s Star Player App. It played to viewers’ willingness to go dual-screen even at the most dramatic parts of a match. Designed to run throughout match times during the UEFA Champion’s League, the app turned solitary watching  (apparently 72% of viewers watch alone and at home) into a social and competitive experience. Given time limits and a fixed number of bets, viewers/players could predict what might happen in the next thirty seconds, compare the results with others’ guesses around the world.

5 + 1. Heineken Super Social Tree – Singapore

And we may be biased on this one but it is Christmas, so a big shout out to the iris Singapore team. Our Super Social Xmas Tree has generated lots of chatter across the blogosphere over the last week. The 48 screened socially powered Xmas tree for Heineken went live this week down at Clarke Quay. The tree will be decorated with various people’s images and festive messages via the social tree Facebook app. The 11 metre high installation was conceived by iris in collaboration with local artist Edwin Cheong and Make Studios.

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Social Xmas Tree

Our socially powered tree for Heineken has been generating a load of buzz. It’s now up and running. Check out the latest video:

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