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Real-time crowdsourced fashion show

Bloggers are uploading photos at fashion shows with increasing frequency. The American designer De La Renta has picked up on the trend and launched his Spring 12 collection via a photo blog on tumblr.

Check it out here

On the 13th September the tumblr pulled in the photos tagged with #odlrlive into a livestream of his runway show.The various photos from show attendees populated the blog’s background.

Via Mashable

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Prigat Israel real-time smile Facebook campaign

The ‘Open with a smile’ campaign for Prigat( a juice maker in Israel) by Publicis set out to brighten people’s days at train stations. Facebook users were encouraged to submit a statement  via Facebook to live poster sites in stations. The statement had to make the weary commuters smile. The commuters could then hit a real-life Facebook like button creating a real-time response for the users at home. According to the video below 10,000 messages were sent and thousands of people hit the real-life like button. We admire the attempt to blur the boundaries between the real world and social networks but we’re dubious about the actual number of interactions. It’s a big ask to get people to interact with a poster in a transit hub particularly when they just want to get to where they want to go. For this to truly work the creative would have to be incredibly arresting – call us cynics but the screens in the video are hardly the most engaging examples of creativity.

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