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How long does a link stay hot for?

Ben Essen picked up on  this  bitly science team post where they’ve taken an interesting look at the half-life of links. We’ve grabbed one of the graphs below. It shows how long links stay hot for over four different sites. The half-life of the links vary quite dramatically across the various networks. It’s interesting to see that on  YouTube: these links have a half life of 7.4 hours. On YouTube interest remains for a longer period of time.

From the graph you can see that the team have recorded  a half-life of less than 20K seconds (5.5 hours) for Facebook, Twitter and links shared directly. They maintain that they’d ” be very surprised to see any link maintain significant traffic for a lot longer than 60K seconds (16 hours). But for YouTube, we’d be a little surprised to see half-life of less than 5 hours!”

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PingMe group messaging

There are quite a few group messaging apps out there already but RadiumOne think there’s room for another.  PingMe gives users the ability to send real-time messages to friends and family without having to pay the network costs associated with text messaging. It works in a similar way to the BBM on a BlackBerry phone, so London rioters will have another new toy to play with. http://pingme.net/

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