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@irene – the hurricane that tweeted

Hurricane Irene swept down the U.S. East Coast and caused a fair amount of damage. It was big news across multiple networks and it didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter. The owner of the handle @irene,  Ms. Tien,  experienced a big increase in the number of messages she was receiving . Messages such as Caramel_Dreams  “Dear @irene can u like stop please?” and Broadwayallday, “hey @irene can u make a hard right for us? there’s this triangle in Bermuda i think you’d love.” She replied with the following message “Btw, tweeting @irene doesn’t deliver any messages to the hurricane. Sorry.” But her work mates at Huge Inc, a digital shop, saw the potential in the coincidence. The associate CD, Ross Morrison suggested that they do something with it. Irene was unsure as the hurricane news story was surrounded in sensitivities. The agency insisted that they would do everything if she gave them the keys to her Twitter account.  They posted funny, but useful, updates about the impending storm. The response has been fairly positive and it’s good to see people looking at the brighter side of life in the face of adversity.

Sources: iris NY and The Wall Street Journal

More here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/60e37868-0c9a-4afc-8b3b-fb1e552f3d29/dff83e1e3dbc04df8f8645f7cc0c43be

This is all reminiscent of the @theashes handle that Ashley Kerekes owns in Australia and the influx of tweets she received during the Ashes series Down Under . Read more about it here:


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