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@irene – the hurricane that tweeted

Hurricane Irene swept down the U.S. East Coast and caused a fair amount of damage. It was big news across multiple networks and it didn’t go unnoticed on Twitter. The owner of the handle @irene,  Ms. Tien,  experienced a big increase in the number of messages she was receiving . Messages such as Caramel_Dreams  “Dear @irene can u like stop please?” and Broadwayallday, “hey @irene can u make a hard right for us? there’s this triangle in Bermuda i think you’d love.” She replied with the following message “Btw, tweeting @irene doesn’t deliver any messages to the hurricane. Sorry.” But her work mates at Huge Inc, a digital shop, saw the potential in the coincidence. The associate CD, Ross Morrison suggested that they do something with it. Irene was unsure as the hurricane news story was surrounded in sensitivities. The agency insisted that they would do everything if she gave them the keys to her Twitter account.  They posted funny, but useful, updates about the impending storm. The response has been fairly positive and it’s good to see people looking at the brighter side of life in the face of adversity.

Sources: iris NY and The Wall Street Journal

More here:

This is all reminiscent of the @theashes handle that Ashley Kerekes owns in Australia and the influx of tweets she received during the Ashes series Down Under . Read more about it here:

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SXSW Panel Picker 2012: A last few panels we love

It might be closing time soon, but there’s no reason not to vote if you’ve not chosen already. We’ve rounded up a few more interesting talks we’d like to see made reality at SXSW Interactive. Vote them in before the 2nd.. quick quick, your time is nearly up!

Keep it Complex, Stupid

Speakers: Ana Andjelic, Droga 5Bud Caddell, The Bucket Brigade

Simplicity is a false god. Or so says this panel, arguing the case for complexity in digital storytelling and design as a self-proclaimed ‘new model of creativity’.

Adprovising: Agile Marketing Made Easy

Speaker: Tim Leake, Saatchi and Saatchi

How does advertising negotiate social media’s ‘million-way conversation’? By borrowing from improvised comedy, naturally! This talk presents a set of repurposed ‘guidelines’ to better enable spontaneity.

How to Be an Idea Factory

Speaker: Matthew Diffee, cartoonist for The New Yorker

If at first you don’t succeed, try nine more times. As cartoonist for the New Yorker, speaker Matthew Diffee churns out ten different pitches each week, with only one making it into print. This ‘day at the idea factory’ takes a look at the long hard process of creativity, also offering some tips for dealing with rejection.

How Brands Can Heighten the Joy of Shopping

Speaker: Valerie Milkins, Droga5

Modern shopping swerves between remote Ebay clicks and nightmarish fast-fashion warehouses of ringing tills. Why has retail not yet developed a sense of community to match the web? This talk looks at ways to enhance the experience with storytelling and digital media.

Lucky Accidents: A Formula to Viral Magic

Speakers: John Zhao, Lucky Branded Entertainment, Josh Warner, Feed,  Miry Whitehill, Jun Group, Mark Sabec, YouTube, Jonathan Rosen, Lucky Branded Entertainment

Is accidental fame purely a thing of the past? Do branded virals stand a chance to make an impact, or are they too late to the party? Panelists from Lucky Branded Entertainment, the Jun Group and YouTube debate the price of 15 seconds of online fame.

The New Digital/Traditional ‘Hybrids’

Speakers: Jay Zasa, Barbarian GroupChet Gulland, Barbarian GroupIain Tait, Wieden+KennedyHashem Bajwa, Droga5

Marketing creatives are like cars. If you want to save energy and invest in the future, then ‘the new hybrid’ is your only option. But what exactly does a ‘new hybrid’ do? And how can agencies benefit from fusing digital and traditional roles into one? This intermediate talk explains all.

A Game of Conversation Dominoes

Speaker: Mary Crosse

One New Yorker sets out on an experiment to prove the world is small.  For 12 weeks, Lucky NY’s Mary Crosse challenged herself to meet the most interesting people she knows, then to get them to introduce her to their most interesting friends in turn. Crosse’s panel examines how businesses might benefit from the same gamified networking.

Hacking SXSW for Smiles and Dorkbot Cred

Speaker: Paul Curry, Cr3ative Media Jon Burkhart, Urgent Genius

A panel, a challenge and an experiment in one. With robots! Impatient for the arrival of the ‘Internet of Things’, this panel challenges SXSW’s hackers and engineers to create the ultimate Dorkbot and take it to the streets of Austinm while discussing the present and the future of Arduino, and just how much we want those tiny robots to know..

Don’t forget to check out the Urgent Genius panels here, too!

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In a first for the NFL the New York Giants will integrate fan tweets into their live television broadcasts. Tweets from the fans will appear in the TV coverage and will be integrated into pre and post-game shows throughout the season. The tweets will also appear on video boards and televisions at the stadium itself.

“With over 6.4M fans in the tri-state area and one of the largest national fan bases in the NFL, our social media strategy is designed entirely around giving them the best way to share their passion – and the Giants experience – with each other,” Giants Chief Marketing Officer Mike Stevens said in a statement.  “We have the advantage of playing in an incredible state-of-the-art stadium that lets us do some amazing things to share content to fans in the seats, as well as our viewers at home. This is a great value added for our fans and our organization.”


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NMA the life and career of Steve Jobs

NMA are quick off the mark again with this montage of the life and times of Steve Jobs. Check it our below:

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ESPN miss nothing real-time campaign

“ESPN claims the outdoor campaign will be the first UK campaign to integrate live, real-time content and debate, by featuring comments from ESPN football presenters Ray Stubbs and Kevin Keegan while they are on-air.In the outdoor ads, Stubbs and Keegan will ask questions or raise subjects for debate, such as “Which new signing will have the biggest impact?”, across the weekend. Some of these topics will be discussed on air and passers-by will be encouraged to respond on Twitter, using the hashtag #espnuk.

Live scores from football news site will also be included in the digital outdoor feeds, alongside information about ESPN’s live football matches and Twitter responses from the public.

The campaign, negotiated by Arena Media and Posterscope, will use a range of digital outdoor sites across the UK, including JCDecaux’s digital six-sheets and Transvision screens in rail stations, and CBS Outdoor’s screens on the London Underground.

Mike McKibbin, group marketing director, ESPN Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: “Sports fans aren’t passive viewers. We want to connect with fans, on whatever screens they use, at any time.

“Our new digital outdoor campaign aims to actively engage fans and continue our dialogue with them from TV screen, mobile device and online, to wherever they are as the sporting weekend unfolds.”

The outdoor activity is part of ESPN’s wider new season campaign, ‘miss nothing’, which incorporates new TV and mobile ads, made by Wieden + Kennedy, and aims to highlight the range and value of ESPN’s sporting content across multiple devices.”

Via Campaign

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